Every Business Needs a Business Attorney.

Welcome to Plummer Legal, LLC, your Maryland business attorney. Our law firm believes in supporting entrepreneurs wherever their dreams might take them. A business attorney is crucial to the success and growth of your business. You don’t have to do it alone. We offer your business wise counsel and legal protection. Our law firm will help you find an affordable solution to meet your legal needs.

Start a Business in Maryland

Our law firm can help you make your business idea a reality. Our business formation practice helps you determine what type of legal entity suits your needs. We help you choose a business name to avoid trademark infringement lawsuits later. We can help you choose what legal entity fits your needs. For some people that can mean forming a C corporation, S corporation or limited liability company.  We help you draft the rules of how your business will operate. We help you register your business with the state of Maryland and the federal government. Lastly, we help you obtain any business licenses you need to operate.


Our law firm can you help you safeguard your assets by drafting protective contracts. Please don’t make the mistake of using an old contract made for someone else. That contract can include provisions you don’t want and it can leave out provisions you do want. Lastly, we can help you review a contract before you sign it to make sure your rights are protected.

Business Litigation

Our law firm can help you file and defend business lawsuits. Sometimes business disputes must be settled in court. We understand that you want to protect your rights and at the same time continue making money through your business. We can help you make a plan of action. As an entrepreneur you will interact with clients, competitors, suppliers and government agencies. If your legal rights are being violated we can help you.  Lastly, we help you defend lawsuits using procedural defenses and substantive defenses.

Employment Issues

Our law firm can help you protect your business from employee-lawsuits. We help you put in place handbooks and procedures to protect your business. We help you establish boundaries and expectations with your employees. We help you respond to employee issues where the employee has complained of discrimination or a hostile work environment.


Our law firm can help you obtain intellectual property protection for your business name, logo or slogan. You have worked hard to distinguish yourself among competitors by providing an excellent product or service. Don’t let another company use your success to get business. We can help you apply for a Maryland and federal trademark. This will allow you to prevent others from causing consumer confusion.

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