Business Litigation

If you own a business over a long period of time chances are you will face the threat of a lawsuit or contemplate whether to file a lawsuit against another party. When that time comes you can count on your business attorney at Plummer Legal, LLC.

A sheriff has just handed you a complaint and summons. You are being sued by another business, individual or a governmental agency. What do you do now? The feeling is terrifying because you don’t know what will happen, how long this will take, nor how much this will cost. At Plummer Legal, LLC we understand your concerns and we are here to support you and your business.

We zealously represent our client’s interest while at the same time remaining respectful to the opposing party. Our tactful negotiation skills allow us to settle lawsuits before trial so that our clients spend less time and money. Lawsuits are tolling emotionally, physically and financially. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do it yourself. You need an attorney with the proper training and understanding to represent you in court.

Here is another situation where you can be forced into a lawsuit. Let’s say your business sells fences to contractors or directly to consumers. One of your clients owes you $15,000 and the client refuses to pay. What do you do? You can call your small business attorney at Plummer Legal, LLC and we will step in on your behalf. Customers generally become more cooperative when an attorney is involved. We will respectfully demand that you receive what is due and pursue a debt collection lawsuit if appropriate.

Why should you choose Plummer Legal, LLC if your business becomes involved in a lawsuit? There are three reasons why you should choose Plummer Legal, LLC for business lawsuits. First, our law firm will provide your business with excellent representation and wise counsel. We understand the law and how to argue the law in your favor. We also help you evaluate the associated expenses of litigation so that you can determine your litigation goals.

Second, you should choose Plummer Legal, LLC for business litigation because we strive to provide swift settlement and litigation. We will certainly protect your interests and see to it that your litigation goals are met but we know that the more time you spend focusing on a lawsuit the less money your company makes.

Third, you should choose Plummer Legal, LLC for business litigation because we have excellent communication skills with clients. We operate a boutique law firm allowing our clients to directly communicate with their attorney and not a secretary. Find out today why our clients consistently recommend our services to family and friends.

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