Contracts. Business owners sign contracts almost every month. Business owners sign contracts with suppliers, clients, governmental agencies and a host of other entities. At Plummer Legal, LLC, we help small business owners understand their contracts.

It is sad to say but small business owners sign contracts without understanding what they are agreeing to. At Plummer Legal, LLC, we proudly represent small business owners. Contracts are written by lawyers and normally only lawyers can understand all of the contract provisions. Protect your small business with your small business law firm, Plummer Legal, LLC. We take the time to understand your business, your concerns and what is being contracted for. We make sure that your interests are represented in the agreement.

If you are a business offering services, make sure your business is protected and you get paid when it’s time. Our law firm has helped service oriented companies draft contracts that provide business protection. Let’s say for instance a customer does not want to pay for landscaping your company provided. Without a valid contract, your business will have to prove what the oral agreement was and why it was violated.

Many small business owners have some type of contract with clients but the contract is missing important terms that may have to be decided later. Say for instance you complete a landscaping project and the client has not paid. You find out the wanted client extra work done that was not part of the contract. You contract doesn’t mention this work but the client claims it was part of an oral agreement. Our contracts at Plummer Legal, LLC contain a provision to prevent this situation from occurring. It is called an “Entire Agreement” provision. The provision basically states that the parties have only agreed to what is on the paper and anything else agreed to orally before or even while signing the contract is null and void.

What about if your business hires an independent contractor? You decide that it is not the right time to hire an employee but want someone to work for you. An independent contractor can provide services to your business; if the state of Maryland or the Internal Revenue Service decides that you have actually hired an employee your business could be hit with serious fines.
At Plummer Legal, LLC we draft independent contractor agreements to provide your business protection.

Lastly, the other side of the contracting party will deal with your business more cautiously if that party knows you have an attorney. Many small businesses are taken advantage of because they do not have an attorney to fight for their rights. Our law firm is here to stand up for the small business owner.

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