You have worked hard to build a successful, thriving business. Your customers know your products and services. They know that they are buying quality. Your competitors want to profit from your hard work by confusing customers. Protect your business!

A trademark helps the public to identify what you sell. When a consumer goes to a grocery store he or she knows what products to buy based upon the packaging, logos and the business name on the product. A consumer interested in buying Coca-Cola® will look for a red can with the words written in white cursive. The Coca-Cola® name and logo helps the consumer identify the source of the goods.

How does this apply to small business owners? Let’s say you have a high-end boutique selling urban fashion in the Washington D.C. area. Your company has experienced success and your clothing brand is carried in numerous regional stores. You find out another company has emerged that sells similar clothing with a very similar name. Several consumers purchase the other company’s clothing believing your company made it. Even worse someone is threatening to sue your business believing that you are the other company.

If your business is not trademark protected, a competitor could profit off of your company’s hard earned reputation. Your company could be mistakenly blamed for the actions of the other company. Protect your brand with Plummer Legal, LLC!

We help small business owners in Maryland apply for and receive state and federal trademark protection. You may be wondering what a trademark is.  A trademark is any word, slogan, symbol, design or combination of these 1) that identifies the source of goods and services, and 2) distinguishes them from the goods and services of another party. This should not be confused with a patent or copyright. A patent is used to protect inventions and a copyright is used to protect artistic works.

Your business attorney at Plummer Legal, LLC will help you obtain a Maryland trademark and a federal trademark for your business name, logo and slogans. After you receive your trademark you have the exclusive right to use the mark in commerce. This means that you will be able to protect your company’s reputation and prohibit other companies from creating consumer confusing.

Let’s return to the example above. If your high-end boutique has trademark protection then our law firm can write a letter to the infringing company to cease and desist further trademark infringement. If that does not work Plummer Legal, LLC will initiate litigation to protect your rights. Even without a registered trademark your business has common law protection but it will be much more difficult to prove infringement.

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