Green Cards

Why should I get a green card? There are many benefits of attaining a green card. These include:

  • Ability to apply for government-sponsored financial aid regarding education
  • Right to enter and leave the U.S. easily
  • The status is good for your entire lifetime
  • You do not have to file for I-94
  • You pay in-state tuition for college, which reduces your tuition cost to 4 times less than what you would have paid without a green card.
  • You do not need to attain employment sponsorship
  • You have more career openings as you will possess the required security clearance
  • You are free to start your own business
  • If you worked for 10 years you will receive Social Security benefits upon retiring
  • You will be able to sponsor (a) your spouse (b) children under 21
  • You will not be effected by any changes in the immigration system of rules
  • You will be able to receive government grants
  • You will be able to apply for your Citizenship, if you choose.
  • You will most likely receive lower rates for mortgage, making the process easier when buying a home
  • You will be eligible to a wider range of insurance companies for health insurance
  • You are free to choose which of the 50 states you want to live in
  • You can own cars, property, and etc. legally

Do you want a green card?

We can help you (a) apply for a green card (b) apply for a green card lottery.

Do you want to sponsor your relative?

We can help you sponsor your (a) parents (b) spouse (c) child (d) siblings

Do you already have a green card?

We can help you (a) renew your green card (b) replace your green card (c) travel with your green card (d) remove conditions off of your green card (e) obtain a refugee travel document

Am I Eligible for a Green Card?

In order for an immigrant to meet the requirements for a green card, one must have to make available an approved visa and be reasoned permissible into the United States. The Immigration and Nationality Act may exclude you due to criminal activity, health issues, security concerns or lack of documentation from an alien.

Who can apply for a Green Card?

Permanent residents may apply for a green card or immediate family members of a U.S. citizen may apply for a green card. Immediate family members include: parents, spouse, siblings, and children.

Can I apply for employment purposes?

Yes, an employment purpose is a reason to file for green cards. Authorized employment includes: a job offer in the U.S., skilled profession, and etc.

Why do I need Plummer Legal, LLC to help me with my Green Card?

We make this  process easy for you. We ensure your application is completed correctly so it can get processed by minimizing the risk of any delays. An application that is sent with errors will lead to delays and more filing fees. You do not have to read through fine prints and rules alone. We exist to help make your application process easier and smoother.

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